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My name is Nikki 

I am a video producer with a background in International Development

When I was younger, I always thought I didn't have a story. Thinking about this now, it sounds funny to me. It must have had something to do with the fact that my parents took me on a lot of travels. From a young age on, I listened to stories from people all around the world. Somehow, I thought their stories were the 'real' stories and I didn't think my own life was a story in itself too. Now I know differently; of course everyone has a story! And stories are everywhere. Stories have the power to transform almost everything; people, places, products... Stories make up our identities and provide entertainment. They shape cultures and societies. I learned I am a good listener and these days I use that skill to discover untold stories. I am passionate about empowering people by thinking about their stories together.

My journey as a 'visual storyteller' started in 2015, when I got an internship at the 
Netherlands Film Festival. I didn't know anyone in the film industry and to me the internship was like a dream come true. A year later, confident from the meetings with many film makers at the festival,  I returned to the country I had left in 2011 with an unfinished story in mind: Uganda. I felt I needed to do something with the story of an incredible family I had met. A short video, maybe a documentary... From my savings, I bought a small camera, microphone and airline ticket. It was an incredible feeling to chase my dream.

Sometimes I feel like my story became an unsuccessful one. Due to circumstances, sadly I never finished the documentary I had in mind. After years, I let go of one of the biggest dreams I had ever had. Of course I was sad, at first. But I learned something very important: every story can have a happy ending, it just depends on which part of the story you focus on. Better to have tried and lost, than to have never tried at all. I still dream of making a film one day (maybe a feature film instead of a documentary) I just know better which stories are mine to tell and which ones are not. 

Ever since my return to Uganda, I've been developing videos. I mainly make videos for NGOs, small businesses, health care organisations and schools. In my work, I find it very important that we all grow in the process of creating something together. During COVID-19 outbreaks, I edited birthday video messages for people who couldn't celebrate their birthday. I am autodidact in video production and have an academic background in International Development.  Because of my academic background, I am good at translating complex information into understandable videos.

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