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Sometimes you have it all filmed everything you wanted and now you need an editor

In many cases, the most complicated part of the video production process is the edit. Nowadays, a lot of people know how to use a camera - or at least the camera of their smartphone - but editing their clips into a video with a good beginning, middle and end is something else. You can have a story in mind but do your visuals also bring across the story you want to tell?

At times, people ask me whether I can edit their (homemade) video clips into one complete video. I quickly see whether this is possible (in my eyes) or not. Very often, a lot can be done with effects, colour corrections, adding music and adding texts.
Sometimes I recommend filming (parts of) the story again because editing existing images will take up a lot of time and money and the story may still not come out well. I can also recommend adding stock video material. I have paid memberships with several stock video platforms. Other times, organisations want a re-edit of video clips they have in their database for communication matters. (I love this way of 'recycling' video material). Or I am hired on board of a team as the editor with the idea that having different people for different parts of the production process (and not one person who does the full pre-production, production and post-production) can result into an even more innovative production. Some videos are easy to produce alone and producing a video as a single player can save a lot of time but for bigger projects my belief is that more people create more creativity and better outcomes. Please reach out and discuss with me what you have in mind so we can choose for the best option together!

I edit in both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro and have basic knowledge of After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

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