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Make your video more inclusive & more appropriate for social media

You may have filmed something that doesn't need much editing but you'd just like it to be available for a bigger audience. Or you may have had a video made a long time ago and you now want to spread it among more people. Adding subtitles can make a world of difference. Not only can subtitles help you reach people who speak another language, they also show that you care about people with hearing difficulties. According to several researches, over 80% of social media users watch videos without sound. In short, subtitles are a must these days.

I can subtitle your English spoken film or video in English or your Dutch spoken film or video in Dutch. I also do translations from English to Dutch and Dutch to English. I have a certificate in Proficiency in Cambridge English from B.C.A. English School in London. I also speak a bit of Luganda, Brazilian Portugese and French. If you have a video spoken in one of those languages, we can look at the possibilities for subtitling together. In case you have transcribed your subtitles with time codes, I can make an SRT-file with them or burn the subtitles into your video.

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